about us

Who we are

S.O.M is a well-known Israeli-owned company, based in Southern China. Founded 15 years ago, the company's main goal is to provide many services your business undoubtedly requires.

The company's CEO, Shmulik Livne, an Israeli who lives in China, has over 30 years of personal experience as a purchasing manager and a mechanical engineer in many Israeli industries, few of which are the hi-tech, defense and medical industries. In addition, we have extensive experience in managing and supervising suppliers in Israel and abroad. We are committed to the standards, needs and requirements of the Israeli customer and to the high levels of quality, which are required.

what are we doing

The main specialization of  S.O.M:

C.N.C  MACHINING Automatic CNC carving from stainless steel, brass and aluminum.

PLASTIC PARTS AND MOLDS - Molds production and injection of products from all types of the raw materials.

SHEET METAL STAMPING - Molds production and parts.

MIM Technology.


Electronic equipment including coating color and printing.



Our ambition

Our company's aim is to give the customer the best manufacturing, service and quality solutions, based on extensive professional knowledge that we have accumulated and acquired over the years.

Our wide range of customers have decided to reduce costs and move their manufacturing needs to China, while still meeting the highest standards of quality required.

Our motto is to work closely with our client, all in order to provide them with our best service. We share the process together, from beginning to end. Within the process, we are partners in design, planning and advising, if necessary, to produce a perfect product at the best price.

At present, the company provides manufacturing services for a wide range of leading customers in the Israeli, European, Australian and Japanese markets.

We place great emphasis on testing our parts before sending them to the customer. Each step of the work in our factory is under highly strictest management and supervision.

S.O.M. personally trains its subcontractors in order to meet the client's overall needs. The company's quality inspectors are physically located inside the subcontractors' factories, in order to supervise the entire production process from start to finish. The subcontractors have signed agreements with us and have worked with us for many years.

S.O.M. is ready to meet great challenges, and acquires professional and business agility. Always committed to high quality results, all in accordance with the customer's requirements.

The S.O.M team will do everything in its power to ensure that you, the customer, will encounter a different experience than the one you have known up to date. We might be in China, yet our channels of communication are in Hebrew and English. We invite you to come by and see our impressive work first hand; we are certain that with full cooperation by both parties, we will produce the best-desired project possible.

Our satisfied customers