Who we are

S.O.M. Israeli-owned company based in southern China.The company was founded 15 years ago to provide many services that meet your business needs.Our company was established in order to give to the customer service and quality production solutions based on extensive know-how we have accumulated and purchased over the years. A variety of our customers decided to reduce costs for producing in China while meeting the highest standards of quality required. Currently the company provides production services for a variety of clients in the Israeli market, Europe, Australia and Japan.

what are we doing

Our company provides high-level production solutions at a competitive price to the customer a wide range of subjects:

CNC carving and accurate erosion | Automatic CNC carving from stainless steel, brass and aluminum | Electronic equipment including coating color and printing | Plastic - Molds production and injection of products from all types of the raw materials | Stamping- Molds production and parts | Production of springs from proportion 0.08 until 8 mm | MIM Technology | Textile.

We hold ISO standard 9001: 2008, under the supervision of SGS company. This is a statement about the quality of our work, and our aspiration to meet the high standards in the market. I am confident that working together will allow you to carry out production and reducing costs while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Contact Us

Rm1601,Unit A, 5th Building, QiaoXiang Residence, QiaoXiang Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province China. Zip code:518053

Oron Livne - Customer Manager Israel

Mayan Ofek- Project Manager

Roe Livne - Marketing Manager