The machining industry

Careers in this industry include professionals involved in the developing process such as research engineers and industrial designers, who analyze market needs and decide what new products are in demand. Often, other professions in the field include marketing specialists, production personnel, sales representatives, manufacturing experts, and design engineers and technicians. Manufacturing engineers design the machines or the configuration of equipment that construct the product, industrial engineers devise efficient processes that use machines and workers together, and mechanical engineers develop the specifications for machines and tools.


Thanks to endless developments in the area, due to a growing need in machining products in our industrial world, the machining industry makes a safe and prestigious field to take a part of. Expectations are the road from here is nothing but up in the areas of technology, career and production.

Our world in the 21st century is filled with new advancements at all areas, especially the computer science, engineering and machining fields.

The machining and machinery industry is the first stage of the manufacturing process. Machining is in charge on the production of precise measurements and dimensions in a possible product. It is actually a century old process which has been updated for today's needs and technologies. It has lower set-up costs, especially now, with computer numerically control (or CNC) and CAD/CAM (computer aided designs and computer aided manufacturing) programs. The machining industry uses a number of different processes such as drilling, turning, grinding and milling with different kinds of lathes, lasers and hydraulic processes. The machines that manage these specific functions can also be aided by CNC programming. Ceramic, steel, exotic materials, titanium and other metals are commonly machined. Highly durable plastics like polycarbonate, wax and ethylene can also be machined for specific industries, or even combined into mixtures, injected and molded into new products or materials.

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